Buildings Need to Evolve to Cope with Climate Change
Sponsored Whitepaper

Climate change is one of the leading environmental, social and financial challenges of the 21st century. Many businesses, particularly those who own and operate buildings, are working to
reduce their carbon emissions.

With commercial buildings currently accounting for almost a third of global energy consumption and 37% of global energy-related CO2 emissions, and 28% of those emissions are related to building operations – or the energy used to heat, cool and power the building – it’s important that businesses know their carbon footprint.

In this whitepaper sponsored by Honeywell, we cover:
  • How businesses can work to become carbon neutral
  • Decarbonization as a nation and at the international level
  • U.S funding opportunities to support carbon reduction
  • The benefits of carbon neutral buildings
  • Solutions to help business owners looking to reduce their carbon footprint

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