Greenbuild's February Webinar
Net Zero Ventilation: Achieving Net Zero Goals While Maintaining Healthy Spaces
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In this session, we will discuss how performance-based indoor air quality design and energy recovery ventilation can be used together as the basis for Net Zero ventilation design approaches. We will review case studies using this design philosophy and the resultant effects on HVAC loads, energy use, and indoor environmental quality. We will get perspectives from HVAC designers, energy recovery manufacturers, indoor air quality monitoring experts, and building owners. 

The session will discuss the following: 

  • How to identify innovative design strategies that contribute directly towards reducing peak HVAC building loads and energy use intensity associated with HVAC systems.
  • Understanding the implications of performance-based indoor air quality and ERV design on compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62.1, ILFI Zero Energy, LEED Rating System including LEED Zero, and WELL Rating System.
  • Compare and contrast the economics associated with conventional design strategies with performance-based indoor air quality design and energy recovery separately and the two strategies combined.
  • Develop mixed-mode ventilation and air cleaning strategies that improve building ventilation & HVAC energy use resiliency during high impact events. i.e., wildfires, pandemics.

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Webinar Speakers
Brandon Harwick, PE, LEED AP
Founder & President, Engenium Group
Joseph Maser,
Technical Product Manager, EnVerid Systems